Nestled at the heart of Kathmandu, Contribution for Nepal (CFN) was established in early 2019 by a team of young and dynamic minds with a view to developing the social-economic status of the Nepali people especially residing in the rural areas. Others loudly claim; we silently prove is what we always believe in. As a flashback, it is worth to mention that our contribution in the spring of 2015 was not scanty to contribute with our selfless efforts to provide the relief package to the homeless and needy people who suffered from the devastating earthquakes.
We are committed to work in the sectors such as health and sanitation, safe drinking water and good governance venerating the positive aptitude of the rustic folks with an unyielding will power to be the right producers and consumers. We have been tirelessly working with the poorest and marginalized people of different regions with the flair of innovative and quality works to achieve our goal of the immaculate output.