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Bhimsenthapa Post Disaster Recovery Nepal

Bhimsenthapa Post Disaster Recovery Nepal

Nepal went through a huge loss due to an earthquake at the year 2072 B.S (2015 A.D). Thousands of people lost their lives, Many became homeless, economic crisis crossed the forehead; country went through a very tough situation. After two years of earthquake slowly life came back to normal but still people were deprived from a permanent shelter to live and were making their lifestyle inside a temporary shelter in many areas. 
This pitiful condition of people inside our own nation, made our blood rushes and do something to recover from this hardcore situation, and with days of ongoing thoughts and research we came up with this nonprofit organization Contribution For Nepal. 
Contribution For Nepal is a legally registered nonprofit organization established for post-disaster recovery of the affected area that aims to uplift rural life after disaster. For the last 4 years, this organization has been working for rebuilding a sustainable society after the disaster, covering a wide range of developmental fields. 
Moreover, it gives strong support to people who want to work for economic sustainability with their skills and hard work at their own place. Along with developmental projects, this organization is extending to provide various work skills to the unemployed youths in the targeted area. 

Contribution For Nepal and its role in community recovery 

Since the establishment of our organization, we have been making good relations with the communities we are working with. We always go with a small community every time and focus in the overall upliftment of that community. We have been doing this from the beginning period so we proudly mention we are committed with full of our effort in community recovery. 

Project Rationale 

Contribution For Nepal is working to uplift rural life by trying to cover every area of development. We aim in the holistic development of the particular affected community from the construction of physical infrastructures to motivate local people in agriculture by providing high-quality seeds to enhance and overcome the local life. We also focus for providing safe drinking water, upgraded education, and necessary health kits to uplift the status of the local health posts. 
Whatever objectives we concern, our main vision deals with the overall recovery of the area after a disaster and bring up the status of the residents from health, education, shelter, economy, and another necessary sector that is required to live a life above poverty. 
The current rationale of this project is to uplift and bring back the life of the rural people to a better place and recover the disaster-affected area. And this project is very important because we want to make an impact in better recovery. 
Now, is always the best option to start. Before anything, we would like to work as soon as possible to see a recovered and uplifted community sooner so that people in a targeted area must not live this miserable life even a day more. 
For this we have come up with a project that not only recovers the physical infrastructures but the overall necessities, the residents were deprived of. With experience, we say we will give a new face to the community.