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Rautahat Health Sanitation Program

Rautahat Health Sanitation Program

We are committed to work in the sectors such as health and sanitation, safe drinking water and good governance venerating the positive aptitude of the rustic folks with an unyielding will power to be the right producers and consumers. We have been tirelessly working with the poorest and marginalized people of different regions with the flair of innovative and quality works to achieve our goal of immaculate output.  

CFN and its Role to Civil Awareness 

It is essential to begin by identifying what kind of health sanitation and civil awareness is needed at a global and national scale before exploring ways through which technologies may be able to support such a vision. 

CFN and Community Connection 

Since its establishment, Contribution for Nepal (CFN) has bestowed some positive signals to community people for a win-win situation on economic, cultural, and technological cooperation.

Project Rationale:

Contribution for Nepal (CFN) is working to ensure the safety and healthy life of Nepal. We firmly believe in the co-existence: Live and let others live. Our main vision is catered to improving the livelihood of vulnerable people, focusing on safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene, promoting good governance and taking initiation for school construction and rehabilitation. 

The current rationale of this project is to assist the people to combat the pandemic COVID crisis affecting the rural area as mentioned below as our target groups. It needs no explanation that today the world itself requires a level of response that goes beyond the capacity of any country. It is everyone's concern to be safe from this disease and save others regardless of political –isms, castes, creeds and religions. The UN Secretary-General rightly stated, “More than ever before, we need solidarity, hope and the political will and cooperation to see this crisis through together”. We have to live in isolation yet we are to be united with our mission to save mankind. The Government of Nepal is putting in place a series of measures to address the situation, but more needs to be done, and international solidarity is required to ensure that the country is fully prepared to face the pandemic and address its impact in all sectors. 

Everyone- especially those working classes- nay have felt that it is a herculean task to maintain their bread and butter without working and earning with the crowd of people, and they know the economic condition of each house has gone to the dogs within this six-month-shut down. Nevertheless, mass exposure is strictly prohibited herein. The only one reality is: We must survive to struggle for tomorrow. For this purpose, we have come up with a program for both awareness and protection for the people of this rural site where they are still lagging behind for the light of education. 


The goal of this program is to soothe the anxiety of the rural people about how to be protected by the pandemic CORONA with safety measures. We would share out some health and sanity-related items and the urgency of precautions to be protected from the diseases. 


The sole objective of CFN is to humanize vulnerable people without being carried away from the whimsical thoughts to live their life in a practical way with whatever means of resources they have possessed. The importance of sanitation and hygiene, safe drinking water and initiation for school construction and rehabilitation are to be kept mandatory in most of the back-warded societies.