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Sadhi khola Belung Lifting Water Supply Project

Sadhi khola Belung Lifting Water Supply Project

We have come up with the project, Sadhi Khola Belung Lifting Water supply Project. Tripurasundari Rural municipality is one of the severely affected areas from both earthquake and COVID-19 in Dhading district. Our project aims to provide safe drinking water to all houses in ward no. 4 of Tripurasundari rural municipality



In these areas still people need to walk a long distance in search of drinking water. Water available there are from natural resource and these resources are easily prone to pollution. Lack of availability of safe drinking water has created a lot of health problems every year.

A point to be noted in this project is that this project includes all the cast, creeds, ethnic groups, and gender. This doesn’t make any discrimination with such issues. We are only committed to give a better lifestyle and upgraded community.


The current rationale of this project is to uplift and bring back the life of the rural people to a better place and recover the disaster-affected area through a safe drinking water project. This project is very important because we want to make an impact on better recovery.

Now, is always the best option to start Before anything we would like to work as soon as possible to see a recovered and uplifted community sooner so that people in a targeted area must not live this miserable life even a day more.

This time we have come up with the motive to provide safe drinking water for the people living in the targeted area. With experience we say we will give a new face to the community.


Major Objectives

Project outcomes /results

  1. 325 Houses of Tripurasundari 04, rural municipality will be facilitated with safe drinking water.
  2. People should not bother to walk a long distance for a bucket of water.
  3. This project will surely help to control water-born disease caused by unsafe drinking water.
  4. This project helps to provide drinking water to the people all the season. Cause the problem of drying of water resource during drought, gives great pressure to local people due to lack of drinking water.